Thursday, May 26, 2005

Problems within ufology

The first step in solving some of the problems with current attempts to investigate issues arising from reports of UFOs is to identify those problems.

So, what are the main problems?

Apart from the obvious difficulties arising from limited funding and resources, numerous problems have repeatedly arisen in relation to research in the UFO field.

(It could, of course, be said that several of these problems arise to some, or even the same, extent in many fields of research.)

These include:

(a) The public perception of those investigating or researching in this field and the potential impact (actual or merely feared) of any involvement in this field becoming known to others;

(b) The undertaking of overly ambitious projects, which do not adequately take into account a realistic consideration of available time and resources;

(c) The abandonment of projects before any results are published;

(d) The interest of an individual or group of individuals becoming diverted to administrative tasks rather than investigation and/or research, with the individual ultimately becoming disillusioned with ufology.

(e) A lack of clarity as to the purpose that will be served by the investigation or research that is being performed and the value of any results;

(f) Individuals having an intense interest in Ufology for a limited period, followed by a complete abandonment of any activity in this field;

(g) Strong polarisation of the debate which obscures the fundamental points in a contribution;

(h) Strong personalities involved in the discussion, which again can obscure the fundamental points in a disagreement between two individuals or viewpoints;

(i) Strong concerns about recognition of the contribution made by a person or group;

(j) A frustrating lack of references to primary documents and/or named witnesses in UFO literature, often with no references at all to the source of information presented as fact;

(k) A frustrating lack of indexing to much UFO literature;

(l) A frustrating inability to determine the potential sources that have already been examined and found not to contain any relevant information (referred to by Loren Gross as “dry holes”);

(m) Limited knowledge of and/or access to key books and documents.

(n) Researchers with a wide variety of abilities and backgrounds, not always working in fields in which they have the necessary skills.


Blogger Paul Kimball said...


Welcome to the world of blogging. I've bookmarked your blog, and will make it a regular (and welcome) addition to my daily on-line reading.

All the best,

Paul Kimball

11:31 PM, May 26, 2005  
Blogger RRRGroup said...

And Isaac...

The concise, clear explication of UFO woes could only come from you.

Your fundamental grasp of the desultory nature of ufology is
superb and nicely presented.


Rich Reynolds

2:54 AM, May 27, 2005  
Blogger Isaac Koi said...

Thanks Paul.

And Rich, your cheque is in the post!


9:47 AM, May 27, 2005  
Blogger Paul Kimball said...


Reynolds gets a cheque, and I don't??



3:19 AM, June 03, 2005  
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