Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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Articles by Isaac Koi

My Magnum Opus: A 1,800 page chronology of UFO and SETI events:
Outlined at:
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"Free UFO Researcher Starter Pack"

"ATS Premium: Top 10 UFO Photos (and masses of others)"

A review of the "Condign Report" (by the British Ministry of Defence)
The Condign Report itself is available online at:

"Photos of 'aliens' - online collections"

Top 100 UFO cases
[Coming soon, in 29 parts]
PART 1: Top 100 UFO Cases: Introduction
PART 2: Challenges to produce lists of top cases
PART 3: Existing lists by various individuals
PART 4: Consensus lists : Introduction
PART 5: Consensus lists : Jacques Vallee’s poll (1965)
PART 6: Consensus lists : Ronald Story’s poll (1979)
PART 7: Consensus lists : Paul Kimball’s Vox Populi poll (2006)
PART 8: Consensus lists : Paul Kimball’s expert poll (2005/6)
PART 9: Consensus lists : Fortean Times expert poll (2007)
PART 10: Consensus lists : National Enquirer Panel
PART 11: Consensus lists : The Rockefeller Briefing Document
PART 12: Consensus lists : Conclusion
PART 13: The Top 100 UFO cases
PART 14: Top 10 cases within various categories
PART 15: Qualitative criteria: Introduction
PART 16: Qualitative criteria: Credible witnesses
PART 17: Qualitative criteria: Multiple witnesses
PART 18: Qualitative criteria: Miscellaneous other criteria
PART 19: Quantitative criteria : Introduction
PART 20: Quantitative criteria : Hynek/Berliner/Speiser/Poher
PART 21: Quantitative criteria : Vallee/USI
PART 22: Quantitative criteria : Randles/BUFORA
PART 23: Quantitative criteria : Ballester-Guasp/MUFON
PART 24: Quantitative criteria : Olsen/Ludwiger
PART 25: Quantitative criteria : Figuet/FRANCAT
PART 26: Quantitative criteria : Miscellaneous other criteria
PART 27: Quantitative criteria : An experiment
PART 28: Quantitative criteria : Conclusion
PART 29: Top 100 UFO Cases : Overall Conclusion

Top 50 infamous UFO videos
[Coming soon]

Introduction: Problems within Ufology

Introduction: The need for basic reference documents

Introduction: Developing basic reference documents for ufology

Tools of the trade: UFO software and databases:

Tools of the trade: Hardware for field investigations and instrumented sky searches

UFO Petitions: Various petitions seeking disclosure of information relating to UFOs

The Lighter Side of Ufology: UFO jokes, cartoons etc

Guide to buying UFO books for researchers in the UK

Catalogues of UFO cases involving ElectroMagnetic (EM) effects and vehicle interefence

Discussion of UFOs in the Houses of Parliament in the UK