Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Updated introduction of myself

Since I am starting posting at least a bit again on this blog, I should probably post an updated introduction of myself here...

I am a barrister in England afflicted with an interest in issues relating to "UFOs". 

I write under a pseudonym as some clients and colleagues would probably just be amused at my wasting time on these topics. 

During the last few years, I've assisted with making over 100 sets of UFO periodicals/newsletters freely available online, plus official documentation and other material. 

I've previously helped make available online in a searchable PDF format official UFO documents from the FBI, from Canada (with the permission of the Canadian government), Australia (with the permission of the Australian government), Britain and New Zealand. I've also helped make freely available online in a searchable PDF format quite a few out-of-print UFO publications after getting relevant permissions (such as the newsletters of prominent UFO skeptic Phil Klass, France's "LDLN", Britain's "Magonia", Germany's "CENAP Reports", Spain/Catalonia's "Stendek", John Schuessler's "UFO Potpourri" newsletters - plus over 100 other sets of UFO periodicals after getting necessary permissions). 

I have helped build up an online archive in conjunction with the Archives for UFO Research (AFU) in Sweden (and helped coordinate work by about 50 to 100 other UFO groups / researchers), particularly in relation to material from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada: 

Here are a few links to samples of my previous items online:


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